Paul J. de Ridder

Paul J. de Ridder 
Creative Strategist

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(NL) +31 (0)6 24239079
Skype: pauljanderidder

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What I do:
Help Nepal Today (a relief project in Nepal that I run together with Yme Gorter)
TRS1453 (joint record label with The Recording Studios)

my  other websites:
de Ridder Photography (my personal photography site)
Het Verzameld Werk (a project I ran with young Dutch artists)
Paul & Bernard gaan naar de Kerk (2012 photography exhibtion)

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 ❤️ @lucretiaatje with her @label4nl bag by @tessa_vd_m #label4 at the Pantheon.  Sudden fire on the hill in Tivoli  In Rome for the next few days  Good doggies #instadog  Cheetah rolling over.  Leopard guarding its freshly catches steenbok  And a little drink while at it.  Single bachelor giraffe.    "When God was done creating all the animals, he created Wildebeest from the spare parts."
 Bernini fountain at Villa D'Este  Mosaics from the first century  Still so much love #cats  The lion apparently doesn't sleep at night.  Impala male  Sadly this beautiful young male lion has a shattered shoulder after a fight with his brother. He now depends on scavenging and hoping his brother (who he still hangs out with) catches enough for the both of them.  Morning mud bath for this male in musk (after he tried to follow us and scare us).  Fastest land animal on the planet with a 110km/h top speed.  Adult female lioness  A herd of elephants